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Cercle des Amis de Jean Françaix

During professional journeys in the United States, Etienne Avice discovers this music composer, meets him in its return in France, decides on the creation of the association " Cercle des Amis de Jean Françaix " in 1993 to mitigate mainly the broadcasting of one of his work a double orchestra oratorio, The Apocalypse selon Saint Jean. This Apocalypse was inspired in him by the cathedral Saint Julien of Le Mans and Solesmes's abbey.

The " Cercle des Amis de Jean Françaix "Association is taken up residence in Old Le Mans, right by the conservatory where the composer made his musical debuts. This familial station of the association refers also to artists of the family Avice, notably an uncle: restoration of the cathedral stained glasses, creation of those of the Epau abbey; a painter and violinist grandfather; a chorus-singer back grandfather in concerts Column. These reasons were sufficient to continue in an artistic tradition and to undertake in others musical adventures, by bringing a support for the project realization the around the Apocalypse, which was going to gather together 300 chorus-singers and two orchestras, on Jean-Pierre Loré's initiative: creation of the oratorio in Paris, church of the Trinity the 19th of March 1999 and in the cathedral Saint Julien of Le Mans the 20th of March 1999.

In 1998, Etienne Avice meets Muriel Bellier, who engaged university works on Jean Françaix and envisages a colloquium. The association supports the organization and the international colloquium Jean Françaix realization which took place from the 26th till the 28th of November 1999, in Paris and in Le Mans.The colloquium acts will be spread by the association as from April 2001: to know or to recognize the work, Acts of the Jean Françaix International colloquium, from the 26th till the 28th of November 1999, Paris Le Mans, dir. Muriel Bellier, scientific patronage, French Musical Observatory, Paris IV, Sorbonne, to appear.
Modalities of purchases on consultation of this site from April and on the spot during the Jean Françaix’s competition.

For any information, send a mail(courier) in the office of the association:
9 place de Hallai 72 000 Le Mans

Page written with the help of Murielle Bellier, researcher in musicology

Jean Françaix au travail - Photo de famille

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