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Proceeding of third international Jean Françaix music competition

12 and 13 May 2000

piano and flute

On 12 May, the Piano Competition brought together eight candidates of different nationalities: France, Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Japan.

The jury was composed of :

- Mr Jean-Pierre Loré, President of the jury

- Mr Aquiles Delle Vigne, pianist

- Mrs Claude Françaix, composer’s daughter

- Mr Alfredo Speranza, pianist

- Mrs Mamiko Suda, pianist

- Mr Fernando Garcia Torres, pianist

- Mrs Colette Zérah, pianist


1st Prize :

There was not any First Prize, because of the level of the candidates.

2nd Prize :

Mrs Tamaki Niga (Japan)


3rd Prize :

Mr Marco Di Perna (Italy)



On 13 May, the flute Competition brought together eighteen flutists : 8 from France, the others from South Africa, Armenia, Brasil, Korea, Spain, Hungary, Japan and Taïwan.

The jury was composed of :

- Mr Alfred Herzog, chairman and Director of the CNR de Boulogne.

- Mr Pierre-Yves Artaud, flutist.

- Mr José-Daniel Castellon, flutist.

- MrsClaude Françaix, fcomposer's dauhgter

- Mr Thomas Prévost, flutist.

- Mr Jacques Renou, music critic and choir conductor. 


1st Prize :

Mr Kasunori Seo (Japan) /

2nd Prize :

Miss Hélène Giraud (France) /

3rd Prize :

The third prize has not been awarded

In each discipline, the jury expressed its satisfaction with the seriousness of the Competition, and the level of certain musicians. For example, Mr. Kasunori Seo, First Flute Prize is currently in the advanced cycle at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris.

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