All the application forms must arrive at the competition office no later than May, 1st 2022. It must be made out on free paper and featuring last name, first name, address, telephone,email, date of birth, nationality, chosen works. Join a Curriculum Vitae and two addressed enveloppes at the name and address of the contestant.
Join a money order of the registration fee amount payable to MUSICI ARTIS PARIS (LCL Vanves). No checks will be accepted.

REGISTRATION FEE : Piano : 90 Euros.

The fees can only be paid in euros - MUSICI ARTIS PARIS - LCL  Vanves 
Code banque 30002 - Code guichet 00545 - n° de compte 0000431394X 07 - Clé RIB 07
IBAN : FR21 3000 2005 4500 0043 1394 X07



If you have some problem, please contact the Association secretary.

MUSICI ARTIS PARIS : 5, rue Auguste Comte 92170 Vanves France
Tel. / Fax : (33) 01 46 38 34 83