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The MUSICI ARTIS PARIS Association would like to thank very warmly for their financial, logistic or human support the following people without whom the Competition could not have developed and be what it is today. May these persons be assured of our most sincere thanks :

La Mairie de Vanves, the Mayor Mr GAUDUCHEAU, his Deputy Mayor Mr Dominique BROËZ

Le Phare, La SacemLa Spedidam, EntreMuses, the record company of musicians

Audiens , Professionals of culture, communication and media, MusicCompetionOnline and ClassicalNews  (click on the names of the partners)


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Les éditions Schott

Complete catalogs on request at :

Weihergarten 5 - 55116 Mayence (Allemagne)
Tél. : 08 05 63 98 13 / Fax : 08 05 63 98 14 (numéros directs et gratuits depuis la France)


Les éditions d'Arts Christine Paquelet

Les éditions Transatlantiques - Paris

Les éditions Durand-Salabert-Eschig 





Gérard Billaudot, éditeur

Le FCM, Le Fonds pour la Création Musicale

Classique news 

Daily dedicated to classical music in Belgium and France featuring classical music news

Le Conseil général de la Sarthe

La fondation Singer-Polignac

Le Cercle des Amis Jean Françaix

The Jean Françaix family 

Members of the jury

Buffet Crampon

aFrench company founded in 1825, specializing in
Manufacture of wind instruments

Henri Selmer Paris

saxophones, clarinets, bassoons

Faulisi Paris - la flûte traversière

F. Lorée, oboes Paris

Fossati, oboes Paris





Gilles Chancereul, luthier Paris

La traversière, French association of the flute 

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