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Chamber music

Chairman : Bertrand GIRAUD

Duration : up to 45 minutes with free choice of Jean Francaix :

Five pieces for cello and piano » total duratione: 15’20

     - Berceuse (4’07)

     - Sérénade (3’05)

     - Mouvement perpétuel (2’05)

      - Nocturne (3’10)

       -Rondino - staccato (2’53)


Cinq danses exotiques  for saxophone and piano (6’)

Concerto pour clarinet and orchestra   (piano reduction) (choose the movements)

Divertimento for horn and piano  (9’)

Divertimento for flute and piano  (10’)

Divertissement for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (or trio of reeds)(10’)

Divertissement for string trio and piano (22’)

L'Heure du Berger  (2 versions, string quintet and piano and wind quintet and piano (8’)

L'Horloge de flore  for oboe and piano (reduction piano) (choose the movements)

Musique de Cour for flute, violin and piano (17’)

Petit quatuor of saxophones  (7’)

Quatuor à cordes  (13’)

Quatuor à vents  (20’)

Quatuor with English horn (15’)

Quintette à vent with clarinet (25’)

Quintette n°1 for flute, harp and string trio (10’)

Rhapsodie for alto and piano (10’)

Sonatine for trumpet and piano (7’)

Sonatine for violin and piano (12’)

Tema con variazioni for clarinet and piano (8-9’)

Trio à cordes  (13’)

Trio for clarinet, alto, piano (22’)

Trio for violin, cello and piano (17’)

Variations de Concert  for cello and piano (8’)

 The rest of the program: is free for the musicians to choose one or more pieces 



MMS MRS. : Bernard GAUDUCHEAU, Mayor of Vanves, Dominique BROËZ, Deputy Mayor of Culture; Pierre AMOYAL, Etienne AVICE, Muriel BELLIER, Gilles BERARD, Jean-Louis BEYDON, Jean Baptiste BRUNIER, Hélène CALEF, Frédéric CHATOUX, Aquilès DELLE VIGNE, Henri DEMARQUETTE, Henri DUTILLEUX, Blanche FRANCAIX, Catherine FRANCAIX, Claude FRANCAIX, Jacques FRANCAIX, Françoise GNERI, Alfred HERZOG, Yuriko NAGANUMA, Emile NAOUMOFF, Christine PAQUELET-LUSSAC, Bruno PASQUIER, William RANSOM, Jean-Louis SAJOT, Klaus Rainer SCHOLL, Mamiko SUDA, Laurent VERNEY.


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