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26th International Music Competition



Chamber Music (from  2 to 6 musicians)


Deadline : 1st June 2023

Results : 1st July 2023

It is under the impetus of pianist Bertrand Giraud, President of MUSICI ARTIS PARIS,that the Jean Françaix Competition came into existence in 1997, the year of the composer’s death. This event, based on the Jean Françaix’s work, concerns each year the piano and an other instrument..

« The creation of this Competition was necessary for two reasons » , explained Bertrand Giraud. « First of all, I wanted to give more concert opportunities to young musicians at the beginning of their careers. Then I wanted to give a strong identity to this Competition, around a musical subject or around a musical personality.
However, I wanted to create this Competition for an other reason : The second purpose of this Competition is to promote our French contemporary music all over the world.

The composer Jean Françaix appeared to me as this one who can be the competition’s identity: his extensive and rich work deserved to be better known, in France as well as abroad. »

This project came about with the assent of Jean Françaix’s family and with the help of the Jean Françaix ‘s Circle Friends Association.

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